Package Size: Pack of 32 Diaper

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Category: Baby Care

Manufacture: Procter & Gamble Home Products Pvt. Ltd

Product Description

Your little miracle deserves gentle protection & full night's sleep and mothers & doctors have always trusted Pampers to provide the care. Presenting New Pampers Active Baby taped diapers which provides your baby 5 star skin protection! How you ask? It has an Adjustable Taped Fit which you can custom-fit as per your baby's need. The sides & waist are stretchable with 360 Degree Cottony Softness providing best comfort for your baby's skin. Its Extra Dry Layer helps prevent leakage by spreading baby's urine evenly and Pampers unique Magic Gel technology absorbs baby's pee full night for up to 12 hrs. This is how these are Our Best Pampers Taped Diapers ever! Taped diapers, adjustable, custom fit, cottony soft, 12 hrs absorption, best Pampers.